Tuesday, May 6, 2008

It Isn't Just That The Dead Can Vote

Ken Gordon is always for expanding the right to vote even when it means making it hard for county clerks to remove deceased voters from the ballot.

Anyone who has made more than a few political phone calls has had this happen to him/her...

Hello, this is Bill Smith from the Nason campaign. May I speak to Mary Jones? Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. When did she pass away? Six years ago? I am sorry to bother you. You say you get these phone calls every election season?
Every year at election time, the families of deceased voters across the state face unnecessary reminders of the long ago deaths of loved ones who have stopped voting but whose names can't be removed from the voter rolls.

This kind of thing would stop if families were told to write Ken Gordon when this happens and ask him to explain why they were bothered again. This year, he sponsored HB08-1329 which erected more roadblocks to getting dead voters off the rolls. It forces county clerks to send ballots to dead voters.